Wednesday, September 26, 2007

PBS Meeting 26.09.07 - Wrap up ...

This morning at our PBS meeting we discussed the data and looked at possible reasons for the decrease in inappropriate behaviour on the playground. The following was noted:
  • The children are more engaged, particularly in the primary years, through classroom and structured playground activities i.e handball competition.
  • The children are more responsible in accepting their behaviour and are aware when mistakes are made.
  • Teachers are consistent with the warning, pre first bell, and children know that play is coming to an end. They, therefore, move to their lines easily and quickly having had the time to complete their games.
  • The acknowledgement and understanding of school expectations through the rules and the expectations matrix have helped to develop consistency of expectation.
Some issues that needed to be addressed were:
Morning duty: becomes difficult when duty teacher is the only teacher on playground with whole school
  • teachers need to be out on the playground on time
  • students need to be reminded that they are not to leave the basketball court once they have arrived at school
  • parents need to be reminded to leave the playground once they have dropped their child/ren off
  • all ball games need to cease when first bus arrives
  • possibility of having a 5 minute warning bell - more so for teachers - to ensure that the duty teacher is supported by those who are available

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