Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What are we doing?

Today I was working with Year 6 on technology projects. The whole task is directed toward making a "package" for grades across the school about Global Warming and sending a very positive message about Earth Hour in 2008. The Teacher-Librarian and I were discussing the engagement of these children in the task and the freedom they have had in deciding themselves how to present their work. It has led to students using lunchtimes voluntarily to continue this work. My point here is, what are we doing that is allowing for Year 6 in week 6 of term 4 to still be so engaged and not displaying inappropriate behaviours that we often see in this age group at this time of the year? Something is succeeding. And I dare say that the behaviour structures in place as well as teacher planning and instruction has something to do with it!

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gborg said...

This really is a credit to you & Frances. You both have an openness to utilising technology to engage the students. I believe you have used the 'magic formula' of relevance + choice + audience + ownership = egaged and deep learning. Thanks for being such risk-takers!